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The central element of the project is a database of all of the Points of Interest (POI) with accessible facilities. was the winner of the call for projects on innovative web services (AAPW20) launched by the French Secretary of State for Strategic Studies and the Development of the Digital Economy., was the winner in the Public Utility category of the 3rd Dataconnexions competition organised by Etalab.

It is also sponsored by the Ile-de-France Region within the framework of an Aide à l’innovation responsable (Responsible Innovation Aid, AIR). was previously named Handistrict until the end of 2014. in a few key points is free for both the person searching for a location and for the manager of the establishment wishing to create a profile.

The accessibility data is available in open data.

You can find an accessible location near to you using our iOS mobile application.

The information is entered by the establishment managers.

Over 300 accessibility criteria have been set out in order to offer accurate information.

The level of accessibility is indicated for each group with specific needs. references locations throughout France.

Nos Partenaires

The project is run by Kernix

Specialised in the development of high value-added web and mobile applications, Kernix is responsible for the design of both the solution and its infrastructure. Kernix also heavily invests in research and development in order to offer very high-quality technology. is supported by the Paris Ile-de-France Comité Régional du Tourisme (regional tourism committee, CRT)

One of the missions of the Paris Ile-de-France Comité Régional du Tourisme is to ensure that the quality of the welcome and information provided to tourists is a major asset for visitors to the destination. It is with that in mind that the CRT has supported the project, by applying its experience and its expertise in the field, particularly with regard to the accessible offer within the region.

You will find the "Paris Region" logo on all of the profiles checked by the Paris Ile-de-France CRT. The CRT contacts each new registered member in the Ile-de-France region in order to make sure that the information provided is as reliable and accurate as possible.

The Paris Ile-de-France CRT's expertise is limited to the information collected during the latest on-site visit, the latest updates and information provided by the establishments. The Paris Ile-de-France CRT cannot be held responsible if the information on the accessibility conditions of an establishment proves to be incomplete or different.

Press Contact

Laurence Bois
+33 1 77 15 38 05 / BuzzDistrict

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